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Base class for all datasets.

All datasets inherit from this class, be they stored in a file or generated on the fly.


  • task

    Type of task the dataset is meant for. Should be one of: - "Regression" - "Binary classification" - "Multi-class classification" - "Multi-output binary classification" - "Multi-output regression"

  • n_features

    Number of features in the dataset.

  • n_samples – defaults to None

    Number of samples in the dataset.

  • n_classes – defaults to None

    Number of classes in the dataset, only applies to classification datasets.

  • n_outputs – defaults to None

    Number of outputs the target is made of, only applies to multi-output datasets.

  • sparse – defaults to False

    Whether the dataset is sparse or not.


  • desc

    Return the description from the docstring.



Iterate over the k samples.


  • k (int)