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0.9.0 - 2021-11-30

  • Wheels for Python 3.6 have been dropped.
  • Wheels for Python 3.9 have been added.


  • Moved base.AnomalyDetector to anomaly.AnomalyDetector.
  • Implemented anomaly.ConstantThresholder.
  • Implemented anomaly.QuantileThresholder.
  • Implemented anomaly.OneClassSVM.


  • Renamed base.WrapperMixin to base.Wrapper.
  • Introduced base.WrapperEnsemble.
  • Clarified the difference between a base.typing.Dataset and a base.typing.Stream. A Stream is an instance of a Dataset and is stateful. A Dataset is stateless. It's essentially the same difference between an Iterable and an Iterator in the Python standard library.


  • Added compat.PyTorch2RiverClassifier
  • Implemented median absolute deviation in stats.MAD.
  • Refactored compat.PyTorch2RiverRegressor
  • Fixed an issue where some statistics could not be printed if they had not seen any data yet.


  • You can now use a list as a shorthand to build a TransformerUnion.
  • Fixed a visualization issue when using a pipeline with multiple feature unions.
  • The prejudiced terms blacklist and whitelist have both been renamed to keys.
  • Removed learn_unsupervised parameter from pipeline methods.
  • Implemented compose.TransformerProduct.


  • Added datasets.Keystroke.


  • Bug fixes in ensemble.SRPClassifier and ensemble.SRPRegressor.
  • Some estimators have been moved into the ensemble module.


  • Implemented feature_extraction.Lagger.
  • Implemented feature_extraction.TargetLagger.


This module has been deleted.

  • Move meta.PredClipper to the preprocessing module.
  • Removed meta.BoxCoxRegressor.
  • Moved meta.TargetTransformRegressor to compose.TargetTransformRegressor.
  • Moved meta.TargetStandardScaler to preprocessing.TargetStandardScaler.


  • This new module replaces the expert module.
  • Implemented model_selection.GreedyRegressor.
  • Added ModelSelector base class.


  • optim.Adam and optim.RMSProp now work with utils.VectorDicts as well as numpy.ndarrays.
  • Added optim.losses.Huber.


  • Enabled preprocessing.OneHotEncoder to one-hot encode values that are list or sets.


  • Added a debug_one method to reco.FMRegressor.


  • This new module replaces the expert module.
  • Implemented selection.GreedyExpertRegressor.


  • Fixed an issue where some statistics could not be printed if they had not seen any data yet.
  • Implemented median absolute deviation in stats.MAD.
  • The stats.Mean and stats.Var implementations have been made more numerically stable.


  • time_series.Detrender and time_series.GroupDetrender have been removed as they overlap with preprocessing.TargetStandardScaler.
  • Implemented a time_series.evaluate method, which performs progressive validation for time series scenarios.
  • Implemented time_series.HorizonMetric class to evaluate the performance of a forecasting model at each time step along a horizon.
  • Implemented time_series.HoltWinters.


  • Moved model_selection.expand_param_grid to utils.expand_param_grid.
  • Added utils.poisson.
  • Added the utils.log_method_calls context manager.
  • Added the utils.warm_up_mode context manager.
  • Added the utils.pure_inference_model context manager.