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0.14.0 - 2022-10-26

  • Introducing the bandit module for running multi-armed bandits
  • Introducing the sketch module with summarization tools and data sketches working in a streaming fashion!



  • Exposed more parameters in ADWIN: clock, max_buckets, min_window_length, and grace_period.



  • Added proba.Beta.
  • Added a sample method to each distribution.
  • Added a mode property to each distribution.
  • Replaced the pmf and pdf methods with a __call__ method.


  • Moved misc.Histogram to sketch.Histogram.
  • Moved stats.LossyCount to sketch.HeavyHitters and update its API to better match collections.Counter.
  • Added missing return self in HeavyHitters.
  • Added the Count-Min Sketch (sketch.Counter) algorithm for approximate element counting.
  • Added an implementation of Bloom filter (sketch.Set) to provide approximate set-like operations.