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Twitch chat stream client.

This client gives access to a live stream of chat messages in Twitch channels using IRC protocol. You need to have a Twitch account and receive an OAuth token from


  • nickname (str)

    The nickname of your account.

  • token (str)

    OAuth token which has been generated.

  • channels (List[str])

    A list of channel names like ["asmongold", "shroud"] you want to collect messages from.

  • buffer_size (int) – defaults to 2048

    Size of buffer in bytes used for receiving responses from Twitch with IRC (default 2 kB).

  • timeout (int) – defaults to 60

    A timeout value in seconds for waiting response from Twitch (default 60s). It can be useful if all requested channels are offline or chat is not active enough.


The live stream is instantiated by passing your Twitch account nickname, OAuth token and list of channels. Other parameters are optional.

>>> from river import stream

>>> twitch_chat = stream.TwitchChatStream(
...     nickname="twitch_user1",
...     token="oauth:okrip6j6fjio8n5xpy2oum1lph4fbve",
...     channels=["asmongold", "shroud"]
... )

The stream can be iterated over like this:

for item in twitch_chat:

Here's a single stream item example:

    'dt': datetime.datetime(2022, 9, 14, 10, 33, 37, 989560),
    'channel': 'asmongold',
    'username': 'moojiejaa',
    'msg': 'damn this chat mod are wild'