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Iterates over a dataset in LIBSVM format.

The LIBSVM format is a popular way in the machine learning community to store sparse datasets. Only numerical feature values are supported. The feature names will be considered as strings.


  • filepath_or_buffer (str)

    Either a string indicating the location of a file, or a buffer object that has a read method.

  • target_type – defaults to <class 'float'>

    The type of the target value.

  • compression – defaults to infer

    For on-the-fly decompression of on-disk data. If this is set to 'infer' and filepath_or_buffer is a path, then the decompression method is inferred for the following extensions: '.gz', '.zip'.


>>> import io
>>> from river import stream

>>> data = io.StringIO('''+1 x:-134.26 y:0.2563
... 1 x:-12 z:0.3
... -1 y:.25
... ''')

>>> for x, y in stream.iter_libsvm(data, target_type=int):
...     print(y, x)
1 {'x': -134.26, 'y': 0.2563}
1 {'x': -12.0, 'z': 0.3}
-1 {'y': 0.25}