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Iterates rows from one of the datasets provided by scikit-learn.

This allows you to use any dataset from scikit-learn's datasets module. For instance, you can use the fetch_openml function to get access to all of the datasets from the OpenML website.


  • dataset ('sklearn.utils.Bunch')

    A scikit-learn dataset.

  • kwargs

    Extra keyword arguments are passed to the underlying call to stream.iter_array.


>>> import pprint
>>> from sklearn import datasets
>>> from river import stream

>>> dataset = datasets.load_diabetes()

>>> for xi, yi in stream.iter_sklearn_dataset(dataset):
...     pprint.pprint(xi)
...     print(yi)
...     break
{'age': 0.038075906433423026,
 'bmi': 0.061696206518683294,
 'bp': 0.0218723855140367,
 's1': -0.04422349842444599,
 's2': -0.03482076283769895,
 's3': -0.04340084565202491,
 's4': -0.002592261998183278,
 's5': 0.019907486170462722,
 's6': -0.01764612515980379,
 'sex': 0.05068011873981862}